Golden Future Trading is specialty green coffee trader in Hong Kong (HK), China that sells to roasters in Asia. We started in humble beginnings in late 2013. Initially exploring the market for green Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in Hong Kong we have progressed slowly but now serve clients globally in many origins including Jamaica, Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Brazil, Hawaii and Yemen. Based in HK we carry green coffee spot, forward and can source from other coffee traders in Asia making us ideally suited to serve Greater China and the South East Asia region.


We are a boutique green coffee importer and trader based in Hong Kong (HK), China. We focus on sourcing amazing specialty green coffee from around the globe. Our expertise lies in knowing what are clients are looking for - whether thats pure cup quality, value for money or a specific cup profile.  We cup hundreds of cups of coffee per year and aim to import amazing coffees that all our clients will be pleased with. When you work with GFT you can relax and know that we have done the hard work on cupping, sourcing, importing, clearing and getting the best quality green coffee at the best prices.

We are currently shipping green coffee beans to the following regions in Asia:

Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Indonesia.