Golden Future Trading are proud to act as official distributors of GrainPro® products in Hong Kong. 

Founded in 1992, GrainPro, Inc. is a “green, not-only-for-profit” company that aims to raise the quality of life by reducing food losses and improving public health through sustainable post-harvest systems.

GrainPro develops solutions for the storage, drying and transport of soft agricultural commodities desperately needed to minimise and/or eradicate post-harvest losses. Their innovations in Ultra Hermetic technology and modified atmospheres are now used in over 100 countries worldwide and are renowned for their effectiveness as a complete post-harvest management solution. 

Green Coffee Storage Solutions

Used as inner liners to jute bags, the  SuperGrainbag® III and IV-R offer practical and safe storage solutions for a huge variety of agricultural commodities due to their  water- resistant and gas-tight properties.

Suitable commodities include coffee (green, parchment), corn (including moist corn-maize), paddy, Milled Rice (brown & white), sorghum, Millet, Soybeans, all types of seeds, wheat, cocoa, beans, peas and lentils.

SuperGrainbag (SGB) 

SuperGrainbag®  IV- R

Preserves quality and ensures safe commodity storage due to its Ultra Hermetic™ (gas-tight) and water resistant material. The IV-R is eco friendly, and can store commodities for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture ingress, insect infestation, aflatoxin growth and oxidation

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SuperGrainbag®  III

Made with multilayer plastic, it features an integrated zipper for convenient storage. Available in three different sizes, the SGB III preserves the quality and germination capacity of stored grains and is over 500 times more airtight than polyethylene (PE) bags.

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