GFT eCommerce Micro Site Launched for Micro Roasters - Buy Green Coffee Online IN Hong KonG and CHINA!

We have recently been getting lots of requests from boutique roasters or micro roasters to purchase green coffee in quantities less than one bag of coffee.

Ordinarily this would be pretty troublesome to arrange but we want to look after the little guy as well as the more established roasters! Who knows one day they could be our biggest client!

Hence we are proud to launch first attempt at a micro online store where retail or smaller buyers can purchase some of our green coffee stock. As of now we are in beta and are making it available to users in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We will shortly roll it out to rest of Asia once we can get the shipping infrastructure in place.

The coffee is packed into 5KG bundles inside a GrainPro SGB III for ultimate freshness and comes with a description card.

Right now the site is available at: although we might look to embed this extra functionality within the main site. Feedback welcome!

Please let us know about any teething problems or anything about the site you dislike.

Please also share the URL with your friends so they can buy green coffee online!