HAWAII ORIGIN TRIP APRIL 2015 / 夏威夷 旅遊 2015

Being in the coffee business is hard work but it does have its perks - one of which is having to visit amazing parts of the world to source coffee.

Last week our CEO Mark got the chance to go to Kona and sample some of the worlds most prized coffee - Hawaiian Kona. Kona is a region on the West Coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. Due to the volcanic nature of the islands it provides an excellent coffee growing environment with its rich volcanic soils and altitude. The coffee growing region is very small stretching only 20 miles long by 3 miles wide.

A combination of the small yearly volume, excellent quality and high labour costs (Hawaii is a US state) result in a coffee that is traded at a super high premium. Despite the high price one cannot doubt the quality as the cups are truly exceptional - clean, often extremely sweat with great bodies are the major characteristics noted. 

For all your Hawaiian Kona needs please contact the team at info@gftcoffee.com

置身於咖啡業務裡是辛苦的,但它確實有它的特殊待遇 - 其中之一是參觀世界上一些了不起的地方去採購咖啡豆。

上星期我們的總裁Mark得到一個機會走到科納,並嘗試到一些世界上極其珍貴的咖啡 -夏威夷科納。科納是一個位於夏威夷大島西海岸的一個地區。由於島嶼裡的火山作用, 它使得咖啡生長在火山土壤豐富和高海拔的環境。咖啡種植區非常小,大概只有3英里寬和20英里長。

由於一整年的產量少,品質優良和高勞動力成本(夏威夷是美國的其中一個區域)的因素下,讓咖啡以一個超高溢的成本價交易。儘管價格高,人們也不能懷疑這咖啡的品質是真正的無與倫比 - 乾淨,高醇度和甜度是這咖啡的主要風味。