London Coffee Festival 3rd-6th April 2014

This entry is a tad late and had been waiting to be published for while. I just got back some photos from earlier on in the year so without further ado I shall commence.

After my origin trip to Jamaica in April I stopped by London England and dropped by the London Coffee festival in Brick Lane. Since I was staying at the family home in Uxbridge (North West London) I caught the Metropolitan Line from Uxbridge up to Aldgate. What really surprised me was that specialty coffee had even made it to Uxbridge. For those who are unfamiliar with the area lets just say it is hardly a bastion of cosmopolitan culture. Nevertheless I managed to scoop a single origin Guatemalan filter from Harris and Hoole outside the tube station. 

Decent cup of coffee on the Metropolitan Line via Harris + Hoole.

Decent cup of coffee on the Metropolitan Line via Harris + Hoole.

The actual event read like a who's who in the London Coffee scene. It was awesome to meet lots of clients and also to try as many origins as possible. We also got to talk to quite a few people about the Jamaica Blue Mountain crop for 2014 and about our coffee offerings for the year.

The festival has a great turn out and it was really encouraging to see how rich and deep the Coffee scene in London is. There were also lots of gadgets to test out which were really great to geek out on. The Airscape container was something I had been meaning to get for a while now and so I was super happy to purchase one. My beans are much fresher with this now and it is a perfect addition to the office! 

I was lucky to run into loads of people but highlights include the girls from SCAE, the guys from IAC and finally the Damon and Co from Harris and Hoole.

Can't wait for next year! Enjoy the photos!


Founder and CEO

Golden Future Trading Company Ltd