GFT is now shipping specialty coffee to Jakarta, Indonesia!

This week marked the landing of our first pallet to Indonesia!

Some of our favourite cafes and roasters are in Indonesia so we are pleased to be able to start to serve the local scene!

Right now we can ship to Jakarta and arrange local transfers to other parts once landed.

Will be taking orders for our next pallet right now so get in touch if you are a coffee roaster in Indonesia and are looking for specialty green coffee from other parts of the world!

Please get in touch for further details!




2016 Ethiopian Naturals now in stock.

We are please to announce we now have best quality Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural coffees in stock courtesy of our friends at BNT Coffee.

This year we can offer the following:

Natural Aricha Grade 1
Natural Konga Grade 1
Natural Chelelektu Grade 1
Natural Dumerso Grade 1

For samples send us an email to

2016 埃塞俄比亚 日晒 生豆豆单

很高兴要告诉大家,由我们的好友 BNT Coffee 提供最优质的日晒 耶加雪夫 生豆要上架了!


日晒 阿瑞恰 Aricha Grade 1

日晒 孔佳 Konga Grade 1

日晒 雪列图 Chelelektu Grade 1

日晒 杜梅索 Dumerso Grade 1


2016 Green Coffee Arrivals into Hong Kong Warehouse!

GFT Coffee is pleased to announce we have just taken into stock 3 awesome new coffees for 2016.

We have an awesome 2 amazing coffees from Brazil - a natural processed coffee from Pedra Branca and a pulped natural from Mantiqueira. Both of these are great as either an espresso blend component or as SO espresso. The Mantiqueira regional blend can also be used for pour over.

We also have an a very unique coffee from the Kerinci highlands in Sumatra, Indonesia. As well as highlighting some of the favourable characteristics from Indonesian coffee this coffee also has great story behind it.

You can find out more by reading the below links. Contact us on on pricing and availability.





GFT shoutout in Sprudge!

Our friends over at Pilgrim Coffee messaged us this morning to let us know we were given a shoutout on It was a lot of effort and a lot of hoop jumping but we managed to get our Green Coffee into Mongolia via planes, trains and automobiles! Thanks to Eric over at UBean in Ulaanbattar for the kind words and congrats on the great job you are doing!

Protecting High Quality Green Coffee Using GrainPro SGBs

Jordan Day, VP at GrainPro  uploaded a cool video today showing green coffee being packed in GrainPro SuperGrainBag's in Rwanda from last week.

The GrainPro SuperGrainBags protect the green coffee from the elements as they make their arduous 3 month trip to the global coffee markets.

Can read the fall article here:

Uploaded by Jordan Dey on 2015-09-22.

GFT eCommerce Micro Site Launched for Micro Roasters - Buy Green Coffee Online IN Hong KonG and CHINA!

We have recently been getting lots of requests from boutique roasters or micro roasters to purchase green coffee in quantities less than one bag of coffee.

Ordinarily this would be pretty troublesome to arrange but we want to look after the little guy as well as the more established roasters! Who knows one day they could be our biggest client!

Hence we are proud to launch first attempt at a micro online store where retail or smaller buyers can purchase some of our green coffee stock. As of now we are in beta and are making it available to users in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We will shortly roll it out to rest of Asia once we can get the shipping infrastructure in place.

The coffee is packed into 5KG bundles inside a GrainPro SGB III for ultimate freshness and comes with a description card.

Right now the site is available at: although we might look to embed this extra functionality within the main site. Feedback welcome!

Please let us know about any teething problems or anything about the site you dislike.

Please also share the URL with your friends so they can buy green coffee online!


Colombian Green Coffee Back in Stock

Our specialty green bean coffee from San Agustin in Colombia is back in stock in our Hong Kong warehouse.

The coffee is well balanced, very sweet, with citrus & chocolate flavours and a bright acidity. 

Grown between Colombia's Eastern and Central mountains, the rich volcanic & fertile soil makes the region very famous for growing coffee. Many farms in the area are small, with each farm only producing 40 - 60 bags per year.

For prices and orders, please email

Green Coffee Colombia Excelso Microlot from San Agustin back in stock.

Green Coffee Colombia Excelso Microlot from San Agustin back in stock.

Public GREEN Coffee Cupping Meetup Group Launched IN HONG KONG

We have just launched a meetup group where you join to stay abreast of our latest green coffee cuppings in Hong Kong. These sessions will be open to both the public and coffee pro's to help further everyones coffee knowledge and experience.

To join please visit the link below:

To see our current green coffee bean offerings please check out our website.